Capcom Cup champion makes an attempt to shred the competitors with Guitar Hero controller in Road Fighter 5

It was thought that arcade sticks had been one of the best ways to play preventing video games, however now the vary of several types of controllers obtainable has shattered that concept. There should be limits to what’s really practical.

XSET|iDom as a person of style not too long ago determined to bust out his previous Guitar Hero controller to tackle the ranked on-line warriors of Road Fighter 5, however can the Capcom Cup 2019 champion shred the competitors?

Beginning out along with his main essential in Laura, iDom finds out rapidly that performing motions on the Guitar Hero 5 controller’s bizarre little analogue stick most likely is not the very best concept.

That leads the SF5 professional to take Ed into ranked matches first in order that he does not have to fret about any motions, however handicapping your self towards Diamond ranked or increased gamers isn’t any easy job.

With the ability to simply hammer-on to Hundred Hand Slap makes E. Honda an interesting selection for this self inflicted problem though even the sumo lord did not have the star energy to succeed.

It might really be Balrog that will make iDom a real rockstar, so guess what number of hours it took him to attain his first guitar win earlier than trying out the champ’s video under.

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