Defend Hero’s Season 2 Premiere Finds Naofumi in a Model New Kingdom

The spring 2022 anime season has arrived, together with Season 2 of the favored isekai sequence Rising of the Defend Hero. The story picks up proper the place Season 1 left off — when Iwatani Naofumi’s group fought alongside Queen Mirellia Melromarc to combat off L’Arc, Glass, Theresia and different foes. Now peace has returned, but it surely does not final lengthy as one other Wave looms on the horizon — and that is not all.

To Naofumi’s shock, the countdown timer for the following Wave pauses and a swarm of outsized bats sweeps over the demi-human city of Lurolona. This heralds the arrival of the good Spirit Tortoise monster, and Naofumi should journey to a never-before-seen kingdom to face this new menace. His horrible luck continues unabated, nevertheless, as not everybody volunteers to hitch him on this quest.

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Queern Mirellia has already cleared Naofumi’s title of the horrendous crime he didn’t commit, and now she asks one thing in return from her Defend Hero champion. Mirellia summons all 4 Cardinal Heroes and briefs them in regards to the arrival of the monstrous Spirit Tortoise, requesting that all of them band collectively to slay the beast earlier than it will possibly lay waste to the dominion of Melromarc and different realms. Naofumi agrees however the different Cardinal Heroes decline — together with the seemingly harmless Bow Hero, Itsuki.

The opposite Cardinal Heroes solely need to combat the precise Waves, seeing no must undertake bonus quests akin to this one. This says a lot about them, and none of it’s good. These heroes could also be Naofumi’s allies now, however they continue to be boastful and egocentric whereas making their very own guidelines. They might be highly effective isekai characters but it surely has gone to their head, and that continues now in Season 2.

They’re technically right that they had been solely summoned to combat the precise Waves, however their dismissal of this new quest bodes sick for Naofumi’s future adventures. Having his title cleared means little if the opposite heroes cannot even be bothered to combat by his facet. As soon as once more Naofumi should take issues into his personal palms, however at the least he has the queen backing him up. That is greater than he had in Season 1 of Defend Hero.

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This new journey additionally serves as an opportunity to check Naofumi and his celebration like by no means earlier than. He and his allies, together with Rishia, should journey exterior Melromarc’s borders and into the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom, a China-inspired nation the place persons are already fleeing the rampaging Spirit Tortoise. Naofumi might have Melromarc troopers by his facet, however it is a new land with new customs and monsters, which can check Naofumi’s inventive and resourceful methods to the restrict.

They need to take care of swarms of outsized bats and yeti-like monsters with tortoise shells on their backs, which Naofumi by no means noticed throughout earlier Waves. He additionally does not benefit from a Wave’s timer operating down, since this journey is not based mostly on a correct Wave. He should take down the Spirit Tortoise and will not be saved by the bell.

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This journey can also be an opportunity for the sequence to discover new realms. Like its fellow isekai That Time I Obtained Reincarnated as a Slime, the world of Defend Hero includes a handful of various areas that share land or maritime borders. By occurring adventures exterior Melromarc’s borders, Naofumi and his allies will get the total scope of what this world is like, together with its various cultures, monsters and politics.

After visiting the Spirit Tortoise kingdom, Naofumi may also see the nation of Faubrey, which Queen Mirellia typically visits, and even the demi-human nation of Siltvelt, which must be welcoming for the tanuki lady Raphtalia. First although, Naofumi should defeat or at the least drive off the Spirit Tortoise. He is acquired a job to do, and by chance he takes it much more critically than the opposite Cardinal Heroes.

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