Is a Ford Maverick’s truck mattress the scale of a chunk of plywood?

Folks assume Ford’s new smallest pickup, the Compact Maverick, is not sufficient. The automaker has already needed to shut reservations a number of occasions to satisfy the demand. However whereas automotive and SUV cross-shoppers are enamored with the four-door, 40 mpg, $20k pickup, some conventional truck consumers are skeptical of its capabilities. For instance: Is the mattress of a Ford Maverick truck near the scale of a chunk of plywood? The reality is that this mattress is just 4.5 ft lengthy. However Ford engineers developed an ingenious means for this multi-use mattress to hold a pile of plywood.

How tall is the mattress in a Ford Maverick?

The Ford Maverick’s mattress is 4.5 ft lengthy. It is also 30 inches tall, so its complete quantity is 33.3 cubic ft. Due to the mattress’s energy outlet and slot for DIY shelving, Ford manufacturers it because the “FlexBed.”

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