My Hero Academia Hints Deku Was Born Quirkless Due to All For One

Warning! Spoilers forward for My Hero Academia chapter 343!

All For One makes a startling remark throughout a relatively longwinded monologue in My Hero Academia that might very nicely clarify why Deku was born quirkless.

Within the unofficial fan translation of chapter 343, All For One discusses a quirk that he stole from the ancestor of somebody who’s presently working alongside All May towards him. In fact, this might be anybody from a protracted checklist of heroes, however there is not any one nearer to All May than Deku. However even when All For One did steal a quirk from certainly one of Deku’s ancestors, why would that make him quirkless?


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Historical past in My Hero Academia reveals that the overwhelming majority of quirks are handed down genetically from mother and father to their kids. Moreover, the rationale why there are such a lot of various kinds of quirks at present is due to how a lot a quirk can change from technology to technology (which can also be linked to the Quirk Singularity concept). Some fashionable examples are Shoto Todoroki’s Half-Chilly Half-Sizzling quirk that borrows a side of every of his mother and father’ quirks. Then there are siblings who inherit the identical quirk, however their powers manifest in a different way like Tenya who has engines in his legs versus his older brother Tensei who has them in his arms. In different phrases, Deku’s ancestor might have misplaced his quirk to All For One earlier than he had the prospect to procreate and cross on his powers to his kids. He had nothing to present them. Though quirks are usually inherited, there are, after all, exceptions to the rule similar to Eri’s Rewind and Tomura’s Decay. However that is uncommon.

Curiously, this concept about Deku is an inversion of what Black Clover suggests occurred to Asta. In a flashback from the satan Liebe, readers study that Asta’s mom was shunned by society since she possessed magic that mechanically sucked the mana from anybody who got here close to her. So, it may be assumed that when she grew to become pregnant with Asta, her energy mechanically eliminated all of his mana, leading to him being born magicless. Within the case of My Hero Academia, All For One might have not directly made Deku quirkless if he did the truth is steal the quirk from Deku’s ancestor earlier than his kids might inherit his energy. This may particularly be the case if this unidentified ancestor married somebody with none quirks. Though neither My Hero Academia nor Black Clover have justified these rumors, the latter is unquestionably extra heartbreaking because it’s simpler to hate one’s enemy for probably ruining one’s life relatively than one’s mom.

Regardless, within the case of My Hero Academia, All For One not directly making Deku quirkless additionally means one thing else much more unimaginable. The truth that Deku was born quirkless allowed him to inherit the opposite quirks of his predecessors who as soon as wielded One For All. Those that have been born with a quirk and inherited One For All did not have the power to wield the rest, as it’s akin to a cup that has ran over. Although All May did not have his personal quirk, he by no means acquired this capacity since One For All hadn’t developed to a state the place the present wielder might unlock the powers of their predecessors. Deku simply got here on the proper time and may now wield excess of simply two quirks. So, in essence, All For One not solely stripped Deku of a quirk however made him right into a extra harmful adversary. That is much like how the villain unintentionally made All May immortal as revealed in an earlier chapter, taking the idiom “I’m my very own worst enemy” to a complete different degree.

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