Naofumi’s Rage Protect Is Much like Guts’ Berserker Armor Swimsuit

The Rising of the Protect Hero is a grim however thrilling isekai motion anime collection that is attributable to return within the Spring 2022 anime season, and isekai followers in every single place will desire a reminder of what sort of magical shields the protagonist Iwatani Naofumi truly has. He is the isekai Captain America, however with extra selection.

Naofumi’s shields are primarily based on the supplies and spells that he absorbs, much like Rimuru Tempest utilizing the Predator talent to soak up his enemies, and Naofumi’s strongest defend is the Rage Protect, a part of the “wrath” collection of shields. Its energy and the tradeoffs concerned must also remind Protect Hero followers of the berserker armor within the hit seinen collection Berserk in additional methods than one.

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The Energy Of Wrath In Protect Hero & Berserk

Each Naofumi and Guts are gritty and compelling antiheroes who’re identified for his or her proactive and hard mindsets, not for his or her heat and cuddly methods, though Naofumi does dote on Filo and Raphtalia. Naofumi and Guts are each hardened and scarred by their many tough experiences, and this displays of their greatest weapons, which supply monumental energy — at a value. Many anime heroes have a darkish “inside monster” they will name upon for assist, akin to Ryomen Sukuna or Hole Ichigo, and the Rage Protect and the berserker armor swimsuit are Naofumi’s and Guts’ personal model of that.

The Rage Protect and the berserker armor are each potent weapons that channel the darkest aspect of their wielders, and these protagonists each view their rage-based weapons as emergency choices, not customary weapons, as that energy comes at a worth. However at the least the facility is formidable, with Naofumi’s Rage Protect being by far his greatest defend of all. Naofumi manifested it together with his built-up anger on the king of Melromarc and his persistent misfortune throughout this isekai journey, and that rage was dropped at a boiling level when he thought a zombie dragon had eaten Filo alive.

Naofumi’s Rage Protect has a thoughts of its personal, encouraging him to provide in to his wrathful aspect and channel it into excessive energy, and Naofumi usually listens. At one level, he absorbed the zombie dragon with that defend, boosting the Rage Protect’s energy even additional, and it started talking with the zombie dragon’s voice. This defend can tear its enemies aside in battle after which end them off with the fearsome Iron Maiden method, though this method did not work on the mighty warrior Glass.

All that is much like Guts’ berserker armor swimsuit, which is his second-best weapon behind his dragon slayer sword. With the swimsuit, Guts is protected against hurt from head to toe, and his pace and energy are vastly improved. Actually, this swimsuit can maintain him within the combat regardless of exhaustion and accidents, which is a significant benefit in opposition to most foes. Guts was subsequently in a position to dispatch an enormous Kraken within the Falcon of the “Millenium Empire” story arc, together with a swarm of crocodile monsters and one among Griffith’s apostle minions.

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The Price Of The Rage Protect & Berserker Armor

Each the Rage Protect and the berserker armor swimsuit come at a value, as Naofumi and Guts each realized throughout their respective adventures. Naofumi and Guts are each offended and bitter antiheroes who have been at all times pushed by anger and spite anyway, and their greatest weapons amplify all that to an excessive diploma. These heroes hardly ever faucet into the facility of friendship — they channel the facility of anger and defiance in opposition to worlds that abuse them often, and whereas they acquire nice energy, they need to additionally pay an applicable price.

Naofumi’s Rage Protect does critical hurt to its wielder, akin to burning him alive, and he cannot maintain that for lengthy in battle. Actually, the second stage of the Rage Protect calls for Naofumi’s blood as fee, and Raphtalia and the others have been shocked to see Naofumi’s physique bleeding throughout as he wielded the Rage Protect in battle. Not solely that, however the Rage Protect warps Naofumi’s thoughts and twists it with anger, wrath and natural tendencies, and he might grow to be misplaced if this retains up. Naofumi is set to combat hearth with hearth, however it’s going to price him, and his ally Raphtalia cannot bear the sight of it.

In the meantime, Guts’ berserker armor pushes his physique far past its limits, which ends up in  Guts’ muscle tissues and bones getting strained past restore. The berserker armor solely nullifies Guts’ sensation of ache quite than protects him from the ache’s supply, and Guts may simply lose himself to the armor’s wrath and destroy himself utterly whereas demolishing his foes. Guts needed energy, and he acquired it, however he’s solely human, and the berserker armor will gladly make him pay for it. Luckily, Guts now has a celebration of his personal, and characters akin to Puck and Shierke are there to carry him again if the berserker armor tries to utterly take Guts over.

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