‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ reveals one iconic Star Wars hero is horrible at his job

Bail Organa is the gold customary of Star Wars politicians. Although he might not have Power powers, he’s obtained one other equally vital potential — diplomacy. All through the prequels and even in A New Hope, Senator Organa navigates the rise of the Empire and the beginning of the Insurrection. However in Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 5, everybody’s favourite Star Wars statesman embarrassingly forgets the primary rule of navy motion.

On the finish of Episode 5, Luke Skywalker’s existence and secret location are revealed to an injured (however apparently nonetheless alive) after Reva discovers a hologram message despatched to Obi-Wan by Bail Organa — a message which begins with the phrases: “I do know we stated no communication…”

He then proceeds to surrender each element of their mission, together with Owen’s in relation to “the boy.” This message could possibly be catastrophic if it results in the fallacious palms, which, in fact, it does.

Bail Organa’s huge mistake

Bail Organa lets the secrets and techniques spill in his message to Obi-Wan.Lucasfilm

No matter how Reva obtained her palms on it, the mere indisputable fact that Organa despatched the message to Kenobi in any respect was an enormous blunder. He primarily broke OPSEC (operation safety), a schoolboy error for such a seasoned politician. It’s paramount to leaking emails — it simply shouldn’t occur. Are these holograms even encrypted?

To be honest, this isn’t totally Bail’s fault. Certain, he put the categorised secrets and techniques into the doc, nevertheless it was Obi-Wan who didn’t did not preserve it categorised. Within the Episode’s last moments he says, “I’m positive it’s wonderful,” however on the subject of mission secrets and techniques, you possibly can by no means make certain.

A tough begin for the Insurrection

Whereas Bail and Obi-Wan’s secret mission is probably not formally a part of a rebel simply but, they nonetheless must look out for his or her data safety, as one thing so simple as one dropped message might compromise their complete plan. In fact, we all know that Luke survives to turn out to be a whiny teenager on Tatooine, however Obi-Wan doesn’t know that.

C’mon, Bail, preserve it underneath your Stetson.swim ink 2 llc/Corbis Historic/Getty Pictures

OPSEC has all the time been a difficulty in each navy in our universe. Your plan is barely pretty much as good because the secrecy across the plan. Particularly in WWII, “Free Lips Sink Ships” turned a motto for holding categorised data underneath wraps. Even now within the age of social media, navy members and their households are discouraged from posting any recognizable landmarks and even placing figuring out decals on their automobiles.

It’s a fairly fundamental a part of being a insurgent. Hopefully, Bail will study his lesson right here and carry it with him into his battle with the Empire. In truth, it’s doable that this blunder taught him the significance of OPSEC, a worth he later taught to a younger Princess Leia and one she relied on all through the unique Star Wars trilogy.

Obi-Wan Kenobi might inadvertently clarify why, by the point we get to A New Hope, Leia is wise sufficient to solely ship her obscure messages hidden in R2 items. If solely Bail Organa was as smart as his adopted daughter.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is now streaming on Disney+.

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