The Rising of the Defend Hero: A New Saga, Unveiled

WARNING: The next accommodates spoilers for Episode 26 of The Rising of the Defend Hero, “A New Roar,” now streaming on Funimation, Crunchyroll & Hulu.

After three years, Kadokawa lastly launched season 2 of the fantasy collection, The Rising of the Defend Hero. Followers are enthusiastic about what this new season might have to supply, particularly the power-ups and new shields the Defend Hero, Naofunmi, might unlock.

The Rising of the Defend Hero revolves across the summoning of the 4 cardinal heroes to the Kingdom of Melromarc to fight the Waves of Disaster. Nevertheless, after the 4 heroes are summoned, Naofunmi is discriminated towards as a result of he’s the “Defend” hero, suspected to be the weakest. Regardless of the percentages stacked towards him, Naofunmi proves himself as a Cardinal Hero, surpassing his colleagues in energy and battle wits.


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The brand new season’s first episode reveals Naofunmi because the ruler of Lurolona’s village, the house of Rapthalia, his first hero celebration member. Naofunmi’s cause for turning into the chief of this village populated by demi-humans is to assist them develop and recuperate after years of being subjected to slavery and different societal vices. At this level, the anime reveals Lurolona residents’ love for Naofunmi, proof of his heat management of the demi-humans. The surroundings adjustments and an teacher seems to be tutoring Keel and Rishia. Keel reveals his optimism to help Naofunmi in battling the waves however is shortly turned down by his mentor, who says he’s weak.

The Rising of the Defend Hero additionally introduces a brand new character, Rishia, who could also be related on this season. Earlier than extra particulars are revealed about this new character, a flock of bat-like creatures flocked towards Lurolona. This surprises Naofunmi for the reason that countdown for the subsequent wave wasn’t over but. Understandably, he checks his stats and discovers that the wave countdown time is paused. Naofumi’s battle mode kicks in, and he heads in the direction of the brand new flock of monsters to defeat them, however on his arrival, Rapthalia and his filolial accomplice, Filo, had already eradicated these nasty creatures.

The Spirit Tortoise Saga, Revealed

After the short-lived battle, the Queen of Melromarc summons the 4 Cardinal Heroes. Apparently, Lurolona wasn’t the one metropolis suffering from unfamiliar beings. The Queen shares the explanation for the arrival of those new creatures, linking the trigger to a legendary monster, The Spirit Tortoise, that has been woke up within the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom. As soon as in a number of centuries, this creature is revived, and it wreaks havoc on the encircling cities. The introduction of this new dimension within the anime means that the present 12-episode season might heart on the Spirit Tortoise saga. It might even be a chance for Naofunmi to extend his energy to arrange for the subsequent wave.

After the Queen shares the reason for the brand new phenomenon, the heroes, besides Naofunmi, show their disinterest, saying that they have been summoned to struggle the waves, not be the dominion’s resolution to each drawback. The heroes’ egocentric attitudes reveal that they have not modified since season 1. Again in season 1, Motoyasu, the spear hero, was liable for ruining the ecosystem, whereas the sword hero, Ren, slew a dragon, poisoning the land of the encircling villages. These heroes are solely pushed by their very own pursuits and wishes, solely taking duty for combating the waves. Not like the remaining, Naofunmi chooses to assist the Kingdom of Melromarc by defeating the Spirit Tortoise.

Why is Rishia Obsessive about Itsuki?

The newly launched character, Rishia, can be portrayed to have a need to earn acknowledgment from Itsuki, the bow hero. Itsuki eliminated Rishia from his celebration for some cause, in all probability as a result of she wasn’t robust sufficient to deal with missions. Presumably, Rishia’s need for Itsuki’s reward stems from love and admiration for the hero. This results in her resolve to get stronger. She agrees to Raphtalia’s suggestion to turn out to be Naofunmi’s slave to power-up shortly and be a part of Itsuki’s celebration.

The ending of the primary episode of The Rising of the Defend Hero reveals Naofumi journeying to the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom. He encounters new monsters, together with the bat-looking ones, which he defeats, utilizing essentially the most highly effective defend in his arsenal: The Rage Defend. After Naofunmi’s celebration wins the battle, the anime ends on a cliffhanger – revealing a mysterious lady who reveals up, requesting Naofumi to kill her. This lady could also be related to the current disasters and even be the supply of the catastrophe itself. She is also only a common stranger in search of suicide. Both means, the subsequent episode of The Rising of the Defend Hero will reveal extra information on the suicidal request and the Spirit Tortoise saga.

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