The Rising of the Protect Hero: Episode 27 Assessment

WARNING: The next incorporates spoilers for Episode 27 of The Rising of the Protect Hero, “Footprints of the Spirit Tortoise,” now streaming on Funimation, Crunchyroll & Hulu.

The brand new season of The Rising of the Protect Hero launched a brand new and attention-grabbing narrative to the story. Episode 26 unfurled a brand new saga within the side of the Spirit Tortoise saga, a legendary monster popularly recognized for wreaking havoc and destruction after its awakening.


The episode highlighted the Cardinal Heroes’ lack of duty and consideration, excluding Naofumi for individuals who want their help. Then, episode 26 ended on a cliffhanger after revealing a mysterious lady who requested Naofumi to kill her.

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A New Revelation

Within the newest episode, after Naofumi reels from the results of utilizing probably the most highly effective protect at his disposal and a mysterious lady seems, an unknown stress descends on Naofumi and the encircling space, presumably from the Spirit Tortoise. After the stress dissipated, Naofumi raises his head to seek out the mysterious lady, however she is already gone.

The Rising of the Protect Hero then adjustments the setting to a gathering among the many Allied Forces, a gaggle consisting of leaders from completely different international locations. The objective of the Allied Forces’ assembly was to plot a method for eliminating the Spirit Tortoise. At first of the assembly, a member of the council revealed that the Spirit Tortoise had already laid waste to the Spirit Tortoise kingdom, massacring each nobles and civilians alike and that it was at present hibernating.

Afterward, the Queen of Melromarc reveals a bit of essential info concerning the Spirit Tortoise: It assaults largely populated cities. The explanation for this creature’s actions was quickly revealed. Within the assembly’s dialogue, a member boasted of possessing army would possibly that might simply eliminate the Spirit Tortoise; nonetheless, his optimism is decreased when a member of the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom revealed that they tried utilizing the same old soldier-based assaults on the monstrous creature, however their assaults have been ineffective.

This results in the council’s admittance that they want The Cardinal Heroes. Naofunmi understands the scenario and tells them to not make any sacrifices involving pointless deaths, revealing his kind-hearted nature. Episode 27 additionally revealed one other essential piece of knowledge; The Cardinal Heroes weren’t the one people summoned from a special world.

Who’s the Mysterious Girl?

These heroes have been known as the “Seven Star Heroes“, which included people summoned from one other world, and a few members of the present world, that use Vassal weapons, just like what folks from the Waves utilized in Season 1. Nevertheless, the Queen tells Naofumi that these people are at present weaker than the 4 Cardinal Heroes, dulling Naofunmi’s hopes for defeating the Spirit Tortoise utilizing their collective efforts.

One other surprising revelation is made when the suspicious mysterious lady reappears within the assembly, and is known as the Concubine of the deceased king of the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom. Ost Hourai, the thriller lady, agrees to be the Concubine and Regent, however she confesses that she is a well-known of the Spirit Tortoise, just like the magical beasts ravaging the dominion, surprising the Allied Forces leaders.

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Hourai additionally reveals that the Spirit Tortoise creates human familiars to harness souls to cease the waves from occurring. Its seal is just meant to be damaged as a final resort and by the Cardinal Heroes when there isn’t a extra hope of stopping the waves. So, the Spirit Tortoise seal was damaged too early by a international particular person. Afterward, Ost Hourai requested the Protect Hero to slay the Tortoise, which lastly connects the dots regarding what she meant by asking the Protect Hero to kill her in Episode 26.

After the assembly ends, Rapthalia convinces Naofunmi to combat the Spirit Tortoise not only for his city’s sake however for the folks whose houses are about to be destroyed. This revealed Raphtalia’s intelligence and maturity and the way she influences Naofunmi’s choices, regardless of their Grasp-Servant relationship. After listening to Raphtalia, Naofumi leads the members of the Allied Forces by proposing sound methods for reducing off the Spirit Tortoise’s head.

Episode 27 ends on a cliffhanger when the Spirit Tortoise approaches. So questions like, Are Naofunmi’s plans going to work out efficiently? Is Ost Hourai a faux ally? These questions will probably be answered within the subsequent episode.

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