The Rising of the Protect Hero: Naofumi’s First True Ally

Naofumi Iwatani from The Rising of the Protect Hero is not the luckiest of foremost characters within the isekai style. Not solely did he obtain a chunk of non-offensive gear, his first companion, Princess Malty, additionally betrayed him within the nastiest manner doable, turning him into a distrustful antihero. He did discover loyal subordinates in Raphtalia and Filo, who by no means deserted him regardless of the scenario. However earlier than the 2 joined his celebration, there was already one one who believed in Naofumi regardless of the ocean of lies.

Though Malty was a hateful character, her shrewdness is commendable. She managed to completely play Naofumi, efficiently destroying him and his fame. Naofumi was pressured to outlive alone with none merchandise, data, or companion. However whereas your entire kingdom scorned him, the city’s weapon store proprietor was the one one who believed in him.

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When Erhard heard of the information, he believed the accusations in opposition to Naofumi. Nonetheless, his views modified after assembly the Protect Hero and seeing his response. Satisfied that allegations in opposition to Naofumi had been dodgy at greatest, Erhard bought him a inexperienced cape. He advised the hero that he would put the 5 copper cash on his tab, which Naofumi stealthily paid in a while. Since then, Erhard welcomed Naofumi with none query or judgment. He bought him the gear he wanted and in addition gave him any data he knew.

The second Naofumi received the demi-human Raphtalia, the primary loyal member of his celebration, he introduced her to Erhard. At this level, Naofumi needed to threaten the opposite retailers simply to do honest enterprise with him. Erhard, nonetheless, continued to deal with the accused hero like some other buyer with none pointless demand. The identical was true when Filo joined the gang, although the little woman managed to trick Erhard off an excellent sandwich. Naofumi’s relationship with Erhard turned ok that the Protect Hero typically used his store as a gathering place of kinds. Though the weapon store proprietor incessantly whined, he was fairly gung ho about it.

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Throughout Malty and Aultcray’s trial, Erhard was satisfied that it might be an excellent present. He anticipated Naofumi’s title to lastly be cleared and was somewhat elated when it occurred. He was fast to congratulate Naofumi when the hero got here to his store, and he proved his closeness to him when he grudgingly let him copy his complete protect stock.

Raphtalia, Filo, and Melty have repeatedly confirmed their allegiance to the titular Protect Hero, however that doesn’t essentially imply they had been the one ones who had been on the hero’s aspect. Though it may be argued that Erhard has his preliminary doubts, he has always supported Naofumi in any manner he can from his lowest level to his biggest achievements. It’s extremely possible protected to imagine that their good phrases will carry over on the second season of The Rising of the Protect Hero.

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